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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay?

There are a few different ways to pay. For classes, you must pay at the facility with either the punch card or per class. As for privates, you can pay using cash, check, or card. You pick which option is easiest for you. 


How do I set up an account?

To sign up on the portal, please click here. After doing so, you will fill out the registration information that is needed. The portal helps us know the number of athletes registered in each class and to make sure we have a waiver for every child. When signing up for a class, your card is not immediately charged when you click to view the class. Your card will be charged when you enroll in the class. For any other questions, please email


How does my son or daughter join a team?

An athlete can join a team during try-outs or at the beginning of the season if there are open spots on teams. When it comes time for try-outs, you will fill out the try-out packet then bring your athlete to their try-out time. From there, about a week or so later, they will know the team they were placed on. Also, we have a half year program starting in October that runs till April that they can sign up for now. 


How do I know when my child is ready for the next class?

When enrolled in classes, the best way to know if your athlete is ready for the next class is either asking their coach, or looking at their skills. If the athlete does not have the skill requirements for the next class, then they should not be moving on. 


When does the new season start?

Normally, the new season does not start until June but try-outs are usually at the end of May. Depending on the year, those dates change, but if you have interest in trying-out, we will have those dates out in plenty of time. There is also a half year team which starts in October if you have interest in joining a team now. 


How long is the season?

The full year season starts in June and will end in April/May depending on the final competition of the year. There is also a half year team which usually starts in October and will end around April. 


How does my athlete become a member/what is a member?

A member is an athlete that is on one of our half year or full year teams. You can only become a member if the child is on an HEC team.

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