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The Team

About Us

Hanover Elite Cheer has been open for 9 years, as of 2024. Chris Topper opened the gym in June 2015. Before starting Hanover Elite, he used to be a coach for a high school cheerleading team. In 2015, Chris' team won the cheerleading nationals down in Orlando, Florida after winning 4 state championships in a row. After that accomplishment, Chris decided to open his own all-star gym, Hanover Elite Cheer. Hanover Elite's first practice only had 15 kids. Since then, the gym has grown to have well over 200 kids coming in and out of the doors a year. 

HEC is a family oriented cheer program with a mission to develop young athletes by providing an environment to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally through positive leadership and guidance. Our coaching staff are professional members of the USASF and have extensive training and experience in the sport of cheerleading.


Since HEC's debut at the D2 Summit four years ago, we have earned 22 D2 Summit bids, including 4 paid bids.  Our gym has made it to finals every year of attending the D2 Summit.  Our top placements are a 2nd place and two 5th place finishes.

 HEC has also earned 4 at-large bids and a paid bid to the Cheerleading Worlds. While in Orlando, the worlds team hit a zero deduction routine.


We cannot wait to see what the future holds for HEC!


Meet The Team


Chris Topper

Founder & CEO

Chris founded HEC in June 2015.  Since then, he built the program from the ground up. Chris currently coaches and does private lessons. If you would like to sign up for private lessons, please visit Privates.


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Joy Groft

Office Manager

Joy is Hanover Elite Cheer's office manager. She answers most of the questions you have and is always a Joy to have in the gym. 



Maxine Cooper


Maxx has coached at Hanover Elite Cheer for 6 years. She currently coaches a variety of teams, runs multiple classes, and is in charge of our CheerAbilites program. 


Mackenzie Myers


Mackenzie Myers has cheered at Hanover Elite Cheer since 2015 and has been coaching since 2020. Mackenzie currently coaches a variety of teams and does private lessons. To sign up for private lessons, please go to the private lesson page.

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