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Aerial Bungee

"Laugh like a Kid, Fly like a Super Hero"

How to Sign Up

To sign up, you will click the link below to be taken to the class page.


From there, you will choose the class you want and click create an account. 

You will then pay online and be signed up for the class! 

We cannot wait to see everyone flying around on Saturday, 12/3!!

For more information on the classes or the experience, please click here

Please click here to sign up!


"I know I am old enough to be a grandma but I was not too old to have a lot of fun during aerial bungee. The bungee helps alleviate the direct pressure that is placed on your knees when you jump. And of course, who doesn't want to fly like Peter Pan!"

— Lisa Myers, Mackenzie Myers' Mom


“I have now done this class twice and loved it both times! There is  no better feeling then being able lift your feet off the ground and just fly!”

— Mackenzie Myers


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